Sunday, November 22, 2009

YoHO YoHO a Pirates life for me!

In RL (real life) I enjoy fishing a great deal, but with fish and game and bait and tackle, sometimes it is more like work than a past-time. SL has fishing...I know, there are girls and this and that, why pray tell would you chose to fish? Well it is like this, it is relaxing and fun and the 7Seas product makes it just to much fun. The variety of fish and the various other things you can catch make the game exciting and challenging. If you see me on the water sit a spell and chat, I am sure we can find something to chat about while the fish jump in the boat.

Some days one should not ever leave the bed, and thanks to the wonders of Instant Messaging I did leave the bed but not the couch. Girl made an appearance, but commitments kept her elsewhere, though it was good to know she was doing okay. Sweetie checked in and we discussed the fundamental principle of mass moving at the speed of light towards a....Not really, we just teased and giggled for a few hours over absolutely nothing, a grand time none-the-less. My friend Erec popped in via IM and we discussed the issue of getting to know someone really well before jumping into a relationship. Beth jingled in and we discussed the finer arts of the Dominate and sub relationships, both of us being involved in one made the discussion very interesting. We came to the conclusion that dominance should not be asserted in the beginning and instead the Dom should be a presence that draws the desire to submit out, then and only then can the dominate person assert their role properly. Fascinating...well at least to me it is.

The night rolled on and Beth dropped in with an issue with a dress, the Bad Day Dress has some automatic features used in role play...sure enough it was an issue with RLV, Restrained Life Viewer. So I helped her configure Emerald so that it would work correctly and helped her understand what RLV does and its dangers. Just remember, if you are ever in a jam with RLV, and you use the Emerald viewer, go to preferences, Edit, Emerald, Misc, and un-check the RLV selection. When you log back in, RLV is not active and has no control, so all should be close to normal. So after finally getting her dress squared away, we sat and talked. It turns out that she is a fine artist in the other world, how fascinating the people you meet in SL can be if you are just willing to talk.

I settled in for the night, trying to catch up on some note cards and adding a fish or 50 to my new Oceanographers database to list all the fish I have caught in 7Seas. Then I noticed the new bride online and just had to say hello. I was also able to give her some of the pics I took at the wedding. If you missed it, well you missed Wedding Bells to get an idea of the fun.

Girl, I put some of the fish I caught in the tank. Yes it was a bit of a fiasco with a small incident involving an electric eel and a punk rubber duck, but all is well now. Some of the mess by the fish tank is water and some...well I did say I had visitors. Anyhow, be a dear and scrub the area well. Your presence was missed, yet somehow I managed to get by. I know we will have time for each other in the morning, so do your chores quickly. I am reminded of a quote found in a book called 'Time Enough for Love' by Robert Henline, Lazuarus Long said “Money is a powerful aphrodisiac, but flowers work almost as well.” I hope you find them with no issue.

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