Friday, November 27, 2009

A Masters Work Is Never Done

Strange how not finding Girls little slip of paper in the morning makes for a disappointment. It is hard to be Master to someone so very dear. In your short absence there have been many strange issues. I know all these things belong in the house, but goodness do they really have places they go? I must have sat for 2 hours this morning and my coffee cup did not refill as normal. Why do the undergarments spontaneously appear like raindrops from the heavens about this place? I am just not used to seeing them strewn about like this, in the light of day.

Oh before I forget, Girl why is it that green pants should never be worn with an orange shirt?

Wow! the clerk at the Stop and Shop eyed me strangely as I took the empty coffee in and asked, "Where can a find a girl to fill this?" She then pointed to the full coffee pot, something the one at home won't do anymore by the way, and had ME pour it. Goodness you do this all the time?? As I went to leave, she called me back, I guessed to look at me, but then she demanded Lindens. I was so confused, I had brought my own cup... She just shook her head at me. Maybe it was the pumpkin slippers I forgot to take off.

Prim Savers Furniture has a decent priced color changing couch, the color changing is so very important to Girl as she is constantly rearranging and redecorating our humble abode. Anyhow, this couch comes with an editable menu, MLP - MULTI-LOVE-POSE V1.2 - Copyright (c) 2006, by Miffy Fluffy (BSD License). So Sweetie and I started playing with pose balls to find the right animations to add and we were successful, I am excited to hear your squeals as you see the new poses.

After so much work, Sweetie and I sat by the fire and chatted. It it truly amazing how one can drone on and on about a topic that many find absolutely as boring as watching grass grow. I am amazed she stayed awake as I continued my self pontification. At last, with very blurry eyes, Sweetie bid me a good night and left.

I look about the house and noticed a small yellow box tucked away, garbage bags, wonderful. Now for the life off me, why was it that I needed one? I notice then sitting on the deck rail upstairs, a bird with a note attached:

Aww, poor Master...i am glad you have been keeping busy, but it seems you have had a few issues to deal with. You know i only left because i had to, but i wish i was there to get your coffee.

i love you my Master, keep having fun.
Master's Girl

Not wishing to disappoint my lovely girl, I scanned my Rolodex and found a few names and sent some fiery flirts and waited for responses. I then decided that girls tree from Palias was very beautiful, but the suspension rig from the Palias Sex Rug might make for a more festive decoration, now to find those extra lights.

Giving up on the unanswered flirts, I decided that maybe it was time to get a little sleep. So I climbed into bed and relaxed for the night.

Girl, as I lay down I am reminded you will return soon, I have much to share with you and await the exciting tales of your trip. Sleep well my dear, my thought are of you.

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