Monday, November 23, 2009

Muddy Boots

My morning started fairly well, Girl stopped in, what a joy she is. I was feeling as though this just might be memorable interlude when a cell phone decided to make is self known. Needless to say, soon enough Girl was readying herself for work. I did get quite a chuckle, as girl put on........ a pair of ice skates .??? I am thinking the season has make her long for winter activities Think I will be laying new hardwood floor this weekend or at the least having her do the sanding and buffing. In any fashion, she did look good gliding about.

I have finished the task of adding my fish to the Oceanographers Data for 7Seas, now as I catch fish it will update them automatically. I am frightened that they will update the database soon, but the instructions look fairly easy to transfer the existing inventory. I am confused as to how such a simple game can bring me such relaxation.

A friend gave me a LM (Landmark) to a BDSM location that has me intrigued, the owners vision is sound and I think I might enjoy myself there, from time to time. People so misunderstand this, an open mind to ideas is very important and I so enjoy good vision.

After checking in with friends and a brief interlude with Girl, I attended a class on building. Funny I had/have little interest in this, but love to see the learning process and occasionally I will pick up a trick or two. The comradery of the class was refreshing...... As usual wanderlust ensued and away on a trek I went.

To the young lady in the corner on the dance floor: There is little need to present yourself as a hopeless case, you are interesting and a very lovely conversationalist. Find a way to have the value that is shown to you by someone and then take that image and make it your own. No one deserves to feel themselves as a burden to all around them, you have self worth, find it, embrace it. You are important.

Girl I tracked mud in as I came in and my boots are laying about at the bottom of the steps. You should add that your chores list for today. Had spaghetti for dinner last night, felt it bland. Wake me early, we have thing to discuss. Your Master

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