Friday, November 20, 2009

Cinderella Story

I am always mentioning to Girl that no matter what fun is to be had, clean up is so very important, leaving things about can be such an embarrassing situation. Girl does her best to keep after her messy Master all the time. This morning as I log in to SL, after a very wonderful evening with Girl and her partner in crime, Spice, I was greeted with a small personal note from my beloved little sub:

Good morning my sweet Master,
Just a few things to tell you. I found a cuddle rug in my inventory for the fire, and it's only 3 prims, I hope you like it. Now Master, I know it is my job to keep the house clean, and even clean up after your escapades, but I did not want to chance messing up such a pretty shoe by doing so. If you are confused Master, just check in front of the fireplace...well almost IN it. If you pick that black shoe up it will save us a whole 23 prims. *winks* And she better have been worth it to take up that much!! LOL i love you my wonderful Master.
Master's girl

For those of who may not be SL acquainted, Prims are a measure of space and our rental contract has limits, as Girl so kindly pointed out, and an errant piece of clothing or a mislaid shoe has upset the delicate balance of fine decor and space management.

After dusting myself off from reaching behind the fire place, I puzzle.... 'Hmmm, just who might this fine crafted leather pump belong to and how long might it have been misplaced? Perhaps it is time to wander the various haunts in SL, as the prince did in Cinderella, or perhaps I will just send it back to its owner, maybe its arrival will remind someone of an interesting night.'

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