Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dance the Night Away

Fairly excited to get the day going, I bounced out of bed and found Girl, she delivers such wonderful tokens of affection. She is better than the strongest cup of coffee when it comes to reviving my senses from their dormant state. Not only that, but in the process she ensures that I am fully aware of the need in her life for me. You might not see this in the manner I do, because you are not looking from the correct angle, she chooses to serve but she still has the will to decide to leave, if I am not there she can not fulfill that need in herself to serve.

Back to our day, Girl got super busy trying to clear a few days for family obligations. I kept myself busy with a on going project to add animations to a piece of furniture to which I was successful for the first time. Girl did stop long enough to do a happy dance.

Found a new blog I want to watch, it is the SL Hunt blog. I have found many new friends and picked enough stuff to fill my inventory four or five times over. There is a link below if you are wondering what it is all about. Also readers you may notice I are starting to evolve I will try to put SLurls in so you may visit some on the haunts I go to.

I went to an event at Dominus that was sponsored KK. Darius is a fine host and there was tons of fun. Beth joined me for the last hour so the event was a smashing success. Just as it wrapped up I saw an invite to the mountain top party at Costa Melita, they always throw a good party there. Beth came along and that place got absolutely off the hook. What started as a 500L Best Hat contest turned out to be a 2000L Fun and Frolick fest.... If you did not make it, shame on you. Chanse sure knows how to get the most from her dear ole Strummer. Grins ...... well after so much fun I was pretty exhausted and Beth ran off to tend to her Master. I settled in at my desk to get the days entry done.

Girl the hallway looks fine, you have done well. The scratches on the floor are going to need work though. There is a pile of rough drafts wadded up in the wastebasket, please empty the trash with your morning chores, I have a bit of a headache ...I might be late getting back in...

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