Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sunsets and Ivories

Grroooan, my head is still hurting, silly headache, but there are many things to do, that time will not let me put off so, I logged on and got Girls note.

Now I'll not give you all the silent whispers my Girl teases me with, they are very titillating and sometimes quite personal, some things should remain between the intended only. She closed her note with the following words:

I love you more than words Master,
Master's girl

There is something special about the way she says that. I can visualize her leaning over my desk, words flowing from her pen only to make a simple piece of paper a work of art. Of course her cute wiggling butt might be a distraction.....

We had our little chat ....housekeeping sometimes includes taking out emotional baggage as well as physical. All that being said and done, we are in a better place. Well after a little
hit and miss, all I can say is you please me beyond belief when we chose to share special time. I am quite glad the nearest neighbor is FAR FAR away.

Well the holiday approaches, Girl will be visiting family. I asked to her the deck, rezzed Molly's gift, a grand piano and as the sun set played Heaven by Brian Adams. I will miss you while you are gone my love, my heart, don't hurry home just be back when you can. I will be fine.

Well I guess the only thing to do when in need of consolation, is to find a profession, so off I went to Eden Escorts to meet some friends there. It was mayhem and fun to be had by all. I got word a new club was opening, Original Sin, a cool vamp club and nobody was greifing or being too blood thirsty, so it was really cool.

You know there are certain things that a man will do for the sake of some cute thing's company, and without a doubt, sitting through an ABBA cover-band concert ranks high on the stupid things a guy will do for the company of a woman. I generally love all music, but for some reason the thought of the song Fernando gives me the willies. Thanks for the company Eve, you made it more than bareable. Grins

Ema and Wyn, thanks for your time, I hope you both find what you are looking for.

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