Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mix and Match

Girl was detained tonight, so after a short trip to a local strip club and the light fleecing of Lindens, I was in the mood for social interaction. I was considering going to a function stag when my little friend Sweetie logged in, the conversation went something like this:

Thanatos Indigo: throw on a bikini and come dance
Sweetie: ha ha
Sweetie: I just popped on for a sec
Sweetie: I am gonna log
Sweetie: and watch a movie
Thanatos Indigo: Come on it is a party
Sweetie: maybe later smiles
Thanatos Indigo: I am in a thong!!!!!!!!
Sweetie: lol
Sweetie::okay one sec let me get bikini on
Thanatos Indigo: COOL
Sweetie: tp me

*Chuckles* One never knows the persuasive power of a man in a black Chippendale's Thong.

Now for those of you who at this point are scratching your head, wondering how we get from an internet love story to the escapades of a man slut, allow me to fill in a few blanks. Girl and I are very secure in our relationship and do not limit each other from seeing other people. Well she is My Girl and I do get first dibs, but for the most part she can have her suitors contact me and I will normally allow them access to Girl after they understand her value to me. Now back to the events...

The music and fun was to be had at Costa Melita beach party. It was so very fun and Sweetie's company was unparalleled. We danced as a couple and occasionally the animation for the dance would slip to, shall we say, a deeper rhythm. While it was unexpected, I never miss a chance to throw out a sensual emote. I am not sure if it was the dance, the music, or the occasional heated emote during our conversation, but I was feeling a vibe from Sweetie that perhaps .....well ....never mind. It is not a good thing to leave a man to his own devices when it comes to stories about fishing or sex, in either case there is always a whopper about to spring out. Again back to our story...

Girl arrived from her engagement and was dressed in the cutest of outfits, little bows covering all the special spots, coupled with Sweetie's long flowing hair and striking white bikini, well I was feeling that if someone saw the beauties I might just have to tell them to go away. So to prevent an unpleasant scene I decided to move this little party to the apartment.

Well the other day I stumbled upon a free singles dance ball and Girl and I decided the deck would be a great place for it...bless my luck on this. We arrived at the house to find Spice, who had taken station waiting on our return. So the four of us adjourned to the upper deck and danced like dervishes till the wee hours, laughing and teasing all the night through. What fun was had by all!

Side note: Girl, please check the filters in the pool. I noticed as we all bedded down for the night that there was a Chippendale's collar, bow tie, and a few bikini tops missing. You know the drill.

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