Friday, November 27, 2009

A Turkey By Any Other Name Would Smell So Yummy

Thanksgiving..... I ponder, how many other bloggers will consider that for their opening word. Well readers, FDR created our lovely holiday, which had been decreed by good old Abe Lincoln, and them moved it point on the calendar, where there would be more shopping days till Christmas. The American tradition of gluttony and commercialism continues. A toast to you and yours and may the harvest be bountiful.

Good morning for fishing, that will allow me the ability continue my hobby and wish my many friends a happy turkey day as they wander in. I did have a fine time fishing. I'll be signing out and to enjoy dinner soon.

Well a fine meal, though the spice was off at bit, looking forward to the the confections and coffee soon.

Sweetie stopped in and we continued our dialog about submission. She seemed confused about allowing yourself to be seduced and submission. After trying a few different things, I used this illustration. I gave her the open slave pose and had her run the animation. I will describe the pose; arms back, on the floor, body suspended on her feet, knees apart for a very exposing pose. I asked this question, "Keep in mind you are fully owed, now what is there is offer for the seduction?". She replied "Now I see".

Just to settle your curiosity, the confections were a smashing hit, I say as have had my third piece of pie.

Sweetie stopped back in again to play "pose ball slut" to the wee hours of the morning. Ladies, if you want to hold a guys interest after hours of jumping back and forth on poses balls, here is a tip, the shorter the dress, the longer his attention. Dear Sweetie, I know waiting is hard, but sometimes going through trials early is good thing. Threshing is hard work, yet essential for good bread. Your company last night was an absolute joy.

Girl you are missed, I have tried to stay busy so time will pass quickly. We are past the halfway point, my heart awaits your return. You being gone helped me see the impact you have from day to day. I do hope I find the trash bags before you return.

A Masters Work Is Never Done

Strange how not finding Girls little slip of paper in the morning makes for a disappointment. It is hard to be Master to someone so very dear. In your short absence there have been many strange issues. I know all these things belong in the house, but goodness do they really have places they go? I must have sat for 2 hours this morning and my coffee cup did not refill as normal. Why do the undergarments spontaneously appear like raindrops from the heavens about this place? I am just not used to seeing them strewn about like this, in the light of day.

Oh before I forget, Girl why is it that green pants should never be worn with an orange shirt?

Wow! the clerk at the Stop and Shop eyed me strangely as I took the empty coffee in and asked, "Where can a find a girl to fill this?" She then pointed to the full coffee pot, something the one at home won't do anymore by the way, and had ME pour it. Goodness you do this all the time?? As I went to leave, she called me back, I guessed to look at me, but then she demanded Lindens. I was so confused, I had brought my own cup... She just shook her head at me. Maybe it was the pumpkin slippers I forgot to take off.

Prim Savers Furniture has a decent priced color changing couch, the color changing is so very important to Girl as she is constantly rearranging and redecorating our humble abode. Anyhow, this couch comes with an editable menu, MLP - MULTI-LOVE-POSE V1.2 - Copyright (c) 2006, by Miffy Fluffy (BSD License). So Sweetie and I started playing with pose balls to find the right animations to add and we were successful, I am excited to hear your squeals as you see the new poses.

After so much work, Sweetie and I sat by the fire and chatted. It it truly amazing how one can drone on and on about a topic that many find absolutely as boring as watching grass grow. I am amazed she stayed awake as I continued my self pontification. At last, with very blurry eyes, Sweetie bid me a good night and left.

I look about the house and noticed a small yellow box tucked away, garbage bags, wonderful. Now for the life off me, why was it that I needed one? I notice then sitting on the deck rail upstairs, a bird with a note attached:

Aww, poor Master...i am glad you have been keeping busy, but it seems you have had a few issues to deal with. You know i only left because i had to, but i wish i was there to get your coffee.

i love you my Master, keep having fun.
Master's Girl

Not wishing to disappoint my lovely girl, I scanned my Rolodex and found a few names and sent some fiery flirts and waited for responses. I then decided that girls tree from Palias was very beautiful, but the suspension rig from the Palias Sex Rug might make for a more festive decoration, now to find those extra lights.

Giving up on the unanswered flirts, I decided that maybe it was time to get a little sleep. So I climbed into bed and relaxed for the night.

Girl, as I lay down I am reminded you will return soon, I have much to share with you and await the exciting tales of your trip. Sleep well my dear, my thought are of you.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sunsets and Ivories

Grroooan, my head is still hurting, silly headache, but there are many things to do, that time will not let me put off so, I logged on and got Girls note.

Now I'll not give you all the silent whispers my Girl teases me with, they are very titillating and sometimes quite personal, some things should remain between the intended only. She closed her note with the following words:

I love you more than words Master,
Master's girl

There is something special about the way she says that. I can visualize her leaning over my desk, words flowing from her pen only to make a simple piece of paper a work of art. Of course her cute wiggling butt might be a distraction.....

We had our little chat ....housekeeping sometimes includes taking out emotional baggage as well as physical. All that being said and done, we are in a better place. Well after a little
hit and miss, all I can say is you please me beyond belief when we chose to share special time. I am quite glad the nearest neighbor is FAR FAR away.

Well the holiday approaches, Girl will be visiting family. I asked to her the deck, rezzed Molly's gift, a grand piano and as the sun set played Heaven by Brian Adams. I will miss you while you are gone my love, my heart, don't hurry home just be back when you can. I will be fine.

Well I guess the only thing to do when in need of consolation, is to find a profession, so off I went to Eden Escorts to meet some friends there. It was mayhem and fun to be had by all. I got word a new club was opening, Original Sin, a cool vamp club and nobody was greifing or being too blood thirsty, so it was really cool.

You know there are certain things that a man will do for the sake of some cute thing's company, and without a doubt, sitting through an ABBA cover-band concert ranks high on the stupid things a guy will do for the company of a woman. I generally love all music, but for some reason the thought of the song Fernando gives me the willies. Thanks for the company Eve, you made it more than bareable. Grins

Ema and Wyn, thanks for your time, I hope you both find what you are looking for.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dance the Night Away

Fairly excited to get the day going, I bounced out of bed and found Girl, she delivers such wonderful tokens of affection. She is better than the strongest cup of coffee when it comes to reviving my senses from their dormant state. Not only that, but in the process she ensures that I am fully aware of the need in her life for me. You might not see this in the manner I do, because you are not looking from the correct angle, she chooses to serve but she still has the will to decide to leave, if I am not there she can not fulfill that need in herself to serve.

Back to our day, Girl got super busy trying to clear a few days for family obligations. I kept myself busy with a on going project to add animations to a piece of furniture to which I was successful for the first time. Girl did stop long enough to do a happy dance.

Found a new blog I want to watch, it is the SL Hunt blog. I have found many new friends and picked enough stuff to fill my inventory four or five times over. There is a link below if you are wondering what it is all about. Also readers you may notice I are starting to evolve I will try to put SLurls in so you may visit some on the haunts I go to.

I went to an event at Dominus that was sponsored KK. Darius is a fine host and there was tons of fun. Beth joined me for the last hour so the event was a smashing success. Just as it wrapped up I saw an invite to the mountain top party at Costa Melita, they always throw a good party there. Beth came along and that place got absolutely off the hook. What started as a 500L Best Hat contest turned out to be a 2000L Fun and Frolick fest.... If you did not make it, shame on you. Chanse sure knows how to get the most from her dear ole Strummer. Grins ...... well after so much fun I was pretty exhausted and Beth ran off to tend to her Master. I settled in at my desk to get the days entry done.

Girl the hallway looks fine, you have done well. The scratches on the floor are going to need work though. There is a pile of rough drafts wadded up in the wastebasket, please empty the trash with your morning chores, I have a bit of a headache ...I might be late getting back in...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Muddy Boots

My morning started fairly well, Girl stopped in, what a joy she is. I was feeling as though this just might be memorable interlude when a cell phone decided to make is self known. Needless to say, soon enough Girl was readying herself for work. I did get quite a chuckle, as girl put on........ a pair of ice skates .??? I am thinking the season has make her long for winter activities Think I will be laying new hardwood floor this weekend or at the least having her do the sanding and buffing. In any fashion, she did look good gliding about.

I have finished the task of adding my fish to the Oceanographers Data for 7Seas, now as I catch fish it will update them automatically. I am frightened that they will update the database soon, but the instructions look fairly easy to transfer the existing inventory. I am confused as to how such a simple game can bring me such relaxation.

A friend gave me a LM (Landmark) to a BDSM location that has me intrigued, the owners vision is sound and I think I might enjoy myself there, from time to time. People so misunderstand this, an open mind to ideas is very important and I so enjoy good vision.

After checking in with friends and a brief interlude with Girl, I attended a class on building. Funny I had/have little interest in this, but love to see the learning process and occasionally I will pick up a trick or two. The comradery of the class was refreshing...... As usual wanderlust ensued and away on a trek I went.

To the young lady in the corner on the dance floor: There is little need to present yourself as a hopeless case, you are interesting and a very lovely conversationalist. Find a way to have the value that is shown to you by someone and then take that image and make it your own. No one deserves to feel themselves as a burden to all around them, you have self worth, find it, embrace it. You are important.

Girl I tracked mud in as I came in and my boots are laying about at the bottom of the steps. You should add that your chores list for today. Had spaghetti for dinner last night, felt it bland. Wake me early, we have thing to discuss. Your Master

Sunday, November 22, 2009

YoHO YoHO a Pirates life for me!

In RL (real life) I enjoy fishing a great deal, but with fish and game and bait and tackle, sometimes it is more like work than a past-time. SL has fishing...I know, there are girls and this and that, why pray tell would you chose to fish? Well it is like this, it is relaxing and fun and the 7Seas product makes it just to much fun. The variety of fish and the various other things you can catch make the game exciting and challenging. If you see me on the water sit a spell and chat, I am sure we can find something to chat about while the fish jump in the boat.

Some days one should not ever leave the bed, and thanks to the wonders of Instant Messaging I did leave the bed but not the couch. Girl made an appearance, but commitments kept her elsewhere, though it was good to know she was doing okay. Sweetie checked in and we discussed the fundamental principle of mass moving at the speed of light towards a....Not really, we just teased and giggled for a few hours over absolutely nothing, a grand time none-the-less. My friend Erec popped in via IM and we discussed the issue of getting to know someone really well before jumping into a relationship. Beth jingled in and we discussed the finer arts of the Dominate and sub relationships, both of us being involved in one made the discussion very interesting. We came to the conclusion that dominance should not be asserted in the beginning and instead the Dom should be a presence that draws the desire to submit out, then and only then can the dominate person assert their role properly. Fascinating...well at least to me it is.

The night rolled on and Beth dropped in with an issue with a dress, the Bad Day Dress has some automatic features used in role play...sure enough it was an issue with RLV, Restrained Life Viewer. So I helped her configure Emerald so that it would work correctly and helped her understand what RLV does and its dangers. Just remember, if you are ever in a jam with RLV, and you use the Emerald viewer, go to preferences, Edit, Emerald, Misc, and un-check the RLV selection. When you log back in, RLV is not active and has no control, so all should be close to normal. So after finally getting her dress squared away, we sat and talked. It turns out that she is a fine artist in the other world, how fascinating the people you meet in SL can be if you are just willing to talk.

I settled in for the night, trying to catch up on some note cards and adding a fish or 50 to my new Oceanographers database to list all the fish I have caught in 7Seas. Then I noticed the new bride online and just had to say hello. I was also able to give her some of the pics I took at the wedding. If you missed it, well you missed Wedding Bells to get an idea of the fun.

Girl, I put some of the fish I caught in the tank. Yes it was a bit of a fiasco with a small incident involving an electric eel and a punk rubber duck, but all is well now. Some of the mess by the fish tank is water and some...well I did say I had visitors. Anyhow, be a dear and scrub the area well. Your presence was missed, yet somehow I managed to get by. I know we will have time for each other in the morning, so do your chores quickly. I am reminded of a quote found in a book called 'Time Enough for Love' by Robert Henline, Lazuarus Long said “Money is a powerful aphrodisiac, but flowers work almost as well.” I hope you find them with no issue.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wedding Bells

I bet you thought I was going to say we rushed off and got married Las Vegas style. Now that is a funny one.

It was my pleasure to be the guest of Strummer Skytower and Chanse Tiponi at their union tonight. I am not much on weddings, but these guys mean so much to me I just could not turn down the invitation. The ceremony was held at the Costa Melita dance floor. The decorations were phenomenal and I made it there with my date Sweetie just in the nick of time.

The ceremony as a moving experience, no I did not bawl like a baby, though I did get a little choked up watching two very dear friends exchange their most intimate wishes between themselves. Wedding are emotional, but when it is two people you care about well .... Chanse and Strum there are no more wishes I can give you than it is my sincere hope that you two never loose communication, for the ability to communicate is the foundation for any relationship.

I quite nearly died laughing as Strummer threw Chanse over his shoulder and took her down the aisle. A great exit beats a great entrance any day.

Following the ceremony was yet another dance on the mountain, such great fun as the normal events of a wedding unfolded, of course with the unique SL twists. From the wedding party disappearing for a bit for pictures ....through the bouquet giver that picked the same person twice, what an adventure it turned out to be. Sweetie, dressed in a lovely aqua dress, and I in a kilt like some Henry William Wallace want to be, danced and was great fun. The conversation went to places deep and thoughtful, it is amazingly easy to share your feelings sometimes when you feel comfortable with someone.

Towards the end Strummer announced there was to be fireworks. So I shifted environment to midnight and ran my cam up above the dance floor. Breathtaking! My first SL Fire works experience. These picture don't even come close to the spectacle from the dance floor. All things must draw to a close and this event was not the exception.

We bid farewell to the blissful couple and exited ourselves, then did a bit more talking about hopes, fears, and desires. Sometimes the perfect end to a night is to simply allow things to flow along. Sweetie, thanks for your company, I hope you took as much from our experience as I did.

Girl, I know things can be beyond our controls sometimes. I just think you should know I am there to support you in every possible way. Over the past year you have opened my eyes to many a things, you have made me laugh till I was sore for days. You have touched me so deeply that I feel as though you have reached in and plucked the very strings that hold my heart in place and played them as thought they were Apollo's lire. Thank you for your special gift. I have never been given something so complete nor perfect. I shall treasure it always. As I do you.

It is late and time to rest. I bid you all a good night.

Does anyone actually know the source of this now common addition to many wedding ceremonies?

Two lives, two people, so very different, yet so similar.
Together we stand as one, sharing our future as it comes.
The past is the past. Buds are yet to blossom, with care and trust, the best is yet to be revealed.
Honesty and kindness are the fruits of love.

Mix and Match

Girl was detained tonight, so after a short trip to a local strip club and the light fleecing of Lindens, I was in the mood for social interaction. I was considering going to a function stag when my little friend Sweetie logged in, the conversation went something like this:

Thanatos Indigo: throw on a bikini and come dance
Sweetie: ha ha
Sweetie: I just popped on for a sec
Sweetie: I am gonna log
Sweetie: and watch a movie
Thanatos Indigo: Come on it is a party
Sweetie: maybe later smiles
Thanatos Indigo: I am in a thong!!!!!!!!
Sweetie: lol
Sweetie::okay one sec let me get bikini on
Thanatos Indigo: COOL
Sweetie: tp me

*Chuckles* One never knows the persuasive power of a man in a black Chippendale's Thong.

Now for those of you who at this point are scratching your head, wondering how we get from an internet love story to the escapades of a man slut, allow me to fill in a few blanks. Girl and I are very secure in our relationship and do not limit each other from seeing other people. Well she is My Girl and I do get first dibs, but for the most part she can have her suitors contact me and I will normally allow them access to Girl after they understand her value to me. Now back to the events...

The music and fun was to be had at Costa Melita beach party. It was so very fun and Sweetie's company was unparalleled. We danced as a couple and occasionally the animation for the dance would slip to, shall we say, a deeper rhythm. While it was unexpected, I never miss a chance to throw out a sensual emote. I am not sure if it was the dance, the music, or the occasional heated emote during our conversation, but I was feeling a vibe from Sweetie that perhaps .....well ....never mind. It is not a good thing to leave a man to his own devices when it comes to stories about fishing or sex, in either case there is always a whopper about to spring out. Again back to our story...

Girl arrived from her engagement and was dressed in the cutest of outfits, little bows covering all the special spots, coupled with Sweetie's long flowing hair and striking white bikini, well I was feeling that if someone saw the beauties I might just have to tell them to go away. So to prevent an unpleasant scene I decided to move this little party to the apartment.

Well the other day I stumbled upon a free singles dance ball and Girl and I decided the deck would be a great place for it...bless my luck on this. We arrived at the house to find Spice, who had taken station waiting on our return. So the four of us adjourned to the upper deck and danced like dervishes till the wee hours, laughing and teasing all the night through. What fun was had by all!

Side note: Girl, please check the filters in the pool. I noticed as we all bedded down for the night that there was a Chippendale's collar, bow tie, and a few bikini tops missing. You know the drill.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Cinderella Story

I am always mentioning to Girl that no matter what fun is to be had, clean up is so very important, leaving things about can be such an embarrassing situation. Girl does her best to keep after her messy Master all the time. This morning as I log in to SL, after a very wonderful evening with Girl and her partner in crime, Spice, I was greeted with a small personal note from my beloved little sub:

Good morning my sweet Master,
Just a few things to tell you. I found a cuddle rug in my inventory for the fire, and it's only 3 prims, I hope you like it. Now Master, I know it is my job to keep the house clean, and even clean up after your escapades, but I did not want to chance messing up such a pretty shoe by doing so. If you are confused Master, just check in front of the fireplace...well almost IN it. If you pick that black shoe up it will save us a whole 23 prims. *winks* And she better have been worth it to take up that much!! LOL i love you my wonderful Master.
Master's girl

For those of who may not be SL acquainted, Prims are a measure of space and our rental contract has limits, as Girl so kindly pointed out, and an errant piece of clothing or a mislaid shoe has upset the delicate balance of fine decor and space management.

After dusting myself off from reaching behind the fire place, I puzzle.... 'Hmmm, just who might this fine crafted leather pump belong to and how long might it have been misplaced? Perhaps it is time to wander the various haunts in SL, as the prince did in Cinderella, or perhaps I will just send it back to its owner, maybe its arrival will remind someone of an interesting night.'

Diving in Head First

Well this is officially the first of this blog. I can think of no better place to start than the middle.  Ohh don't worry you will find out everything in due time.  So lets at least catch you up on the current cast of characters.  The main source of all my online fun is a young lady I will call Girl, Girl is the reason I have ventured in to the fun and folly of Second Life.  Girl is my companion, we chose to share our relationship as dominate and submissive, don't run screaming yet you will miss all the fun.  Our relationship is the theme for this blog.  It has been oh so increadible and enlightening, I hope you will choose to continue to read as the story unfolds.